Sheetali Pranayama- Steps & Benefits

An effective breathing technique to calm the mind and cool the body. It is a reliever for stomach and lower abdomen problems.

Sheetali – Cooling | Pranayama – Breathing

As the name suggests, “Sheetali” means cooling down. A breathing practice which can cool down our body and gives a feeling of calm and coldness. The decrease of body temperature brings a positive impact on our nervous system and endocrine glands. This is a very good breathing practice to control your thirst and hunger.

Benefits of Sheetali Pranayama

  • It calms the mind and acts as an effective stress buster.
  • Control high B.P. and purifies the blood.
  • Helps to cool down the body temperature and nervous system.
  • Helpful in fever, indigestion, and hyperacidity.
  • Useful in diseases like tongue, mouth or throat.
  • Prevents premature graying of hair and hair fall.
  • Cures Insomnia and helps to improve the quality of sleep.


Practitioners suffering from lower blood pressure, asthma, cold, cough, and congestion should not practice. Avoid this breathing practice during the extremely cold days of winter. If you have any medical concerns, talk with your doctor before practicing yoga.

Steps to do perfect Sheetali Pranayama33992315410_3b59d65953_b.jpg

  • First sit comfortably in Padmasana or simply sitting pose.
  • Rest both your hands on knees in chin mudra.
  • Now bring your tongue out and fold both sides of the tongue like a tube or a straw.
  • Take a long, deep inhalation through the tube made a shape in the tongue.
  • After Inhalation, close your mouth and exhale with both nostrils.
  • Now, relax and repeat this for 4-5 times.


Sheetali pranayama is best practiced on an empty stomach. Stick your tongue out and roll the lateral edges upward so that your tongue forms like a tube. Now, you can inhale through that curled tongue, as if you are breathing through a straw. If you are not being able to form a tube, then do not force yourself. It depends from person to person. After continuous practice, you can include retention variation with bandhas or lock.

Enjoy this beautiful breathing technique and keep yourself calm, cool and focussed.

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Author: Rakesh Pradhan

Rakesh Pradhan is a Yogi, Blogger, Civil Engineer and a continuous learner. When he was 14 years old, one day his neighbourhood uncle asked him about Yoga and Meditation. He got so motivated about the amazing benefits of this beautiful Yoga that he started reading Yoga books, watching videos and practising yoga poses. Now, he is helping people to learn Yoga and keep them away from stress and lifetsyle diseases.