How to do Vrikshasana (Tree Pose) and Benefits

Have you ever struggled while walking on an edge of a kerb or slipped on a mountain during trekking? The regular practice of this pose will help you gain both physical and mental stability to overcome the struggle. Tree pose is a powerful balancing pose which helps to concentrate your mind and balance your body.

Vriksha-Tree | Asana-Pose

Tree Pose is pronounced as vrik-SHAHS-anna, Sanskrit- वृक्षासन. This pose reflects the steady and graceful stance of a tree. This pose requires your eyes to be open in order to maintain the balance and focus your mind.

Benefits of Tree Pose

  • Builds strength in the ankles, calves, and tones the abdominal muscles.
  • A perfect posture to improve your sense of balance and concentration.
  • Strengthens your spine, back and legs.
  • Stretches the thighs, groins, torso, and shoulders.
  • Helps to reduce flat feet and provides relief to those suffering from sciatica
  • The knees become stronger and eyes and ears get strengthened.

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If you have any current or recent medical concerns, discuss with your doctor before practising this yoga pose. Practitioners suffering from a migraine, headache, low blood pressure, dizziness or insomnia should avoid this pose. Those with high blood pressure should not raise their arms above the head in this posture. They can stay in Anjali Mudra at the chest.

Steps to do a perfect Tree Pose

  • Stand erect on your yoga mat and place your arms beside your body.
  • Now, bend your left knee and place the left foot high up on your right thigh. Ensure that the sole of the foot is placed firm and flat on the thigh.

How to do Tree Pose

  • Your right leg needs to be absolutely straight and erect. Take deep breaths and find your balance.
  • Inhale and gently raise your arms over your head and bring them together in a Prayer pose or Anjali Mudra.
  • Look to a certain point in front of you and maintain the balance.
  • Keep your spine straight, take deep breaths and relax your body.
  • After few breaths, gently bring down your arms down from both sides and release the left leg.
  • Relax and repeat the same procedure with the other leg.


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Initially, it might become hard for the beginners to be steady and maintain the balance. You could practice this pose by holding the support of a wall for balance. Take several deep breaths before and during the practice and gaze towards a certain object in front of you to concentrate and balance your body.


You must make sure to keep your stomach and bowels empty before you practice this pose. Ensure to have your meals at least four to five hours before you do the asana so that your food gets properly digested, and you can expand your body fully during the practice.

Ensure to place your sole of the lifted foot above or below the standing knee, but never beside it. When you place the foot beside the knee, you put pressure on your knee.


This asana is a balancing pose which helps to improve your balance, concentration and nervous system. This pose is more about being mindful irrespective of whatever you are doing. You tend to divert your mind during activities, and this pose helps to focus your mind and body.

Now, don’t wait. Enjoy your yoga practice and have an awesome day! If you feel this article is helpful to you then share your experience with us by commenting below. We would be happy to hear from you!


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