Chin Mudra: Steps and Benefits

Mudras are higher practices which lead to the awakening of the pranas, chakras and kundalini. It establishes the pranic balance within the koshas and enables the redirection of subtle energy to the upper chakras inducing a higher state of consciousness. Each mudra sets up a different link and has a corresponding different effect on the body, mind and prana.

Chin Mudra is a yogic gesture which represents psychic nature of human consciousness. It is also called as Gyan Mudra which refers to the psychic gesture of knowledge. Chin Mudra is one of the most commonly used gestures for practising Meditation and Pranayama.

Chin- Consciousness | Mudra- Gesture

This Mudra connects you to the inner self, builds energy, relaxes the mind and improves the overall mood. In Chin mudra, the index finger represents individual consciousness whereas the thumb finger represents the universal consciousness. The index finger says about the limited perspective of self whereas the thumb finger is all about the expanded perspective of Self. When the two joins, the limited self is getting connected to the Universal Self and it connects you to the inner self.

Practice this mudra sitting simply cross-legged (Sukhasana), in Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose) or in the lotus pose (Padmasana), or even by sitting comfortably on a chair. Hold this Mudra for at least 12-15 breaths and closely observe the flow of energy in the body.


There are no side effects associated with the Chin Mudra. But, it’s always advisable that if you have any current or recent medical concerns, discuss with your doctor before practising any Mudras.


  • This Mudra helps to cure insomnia, increases energy and stamina.
  • Improves concentration and memory power.
  • Regular practice of this mudra can eliminate all psychological disorders like anger, depression, stress and anxiety.
  • Improves sleep pattern and alleviates lower pain.
  • Helps to connect you to the inner self.
  • Relaxes your mind and brightens the overall mood.


Practice this Mudra using both your hands.

  • Sit in a comfortable meditation posture like Padmasanaor Sukhasana.
  • Fold your index finger in such a way that it touches the tip of the thumb.
  • Extend the other three fingers of each hand so that they are relaxed and slightly apart.
  • Now, Place the hands on the knees with the palms facing upward.
  • Relax the palms and arms. Closely observe the flow of energy in the body.


When the palm side of your hands faces upward, the gesture is called as Chin Mudra. But, if the palm side faces downward, the gesture becomes the Gyana mudra.

Now, don’t wait. Enjoy the Chin Mudra practice and have an awesome day! If you feel this article is helpful to you then share your experience with us by commenting below. We would be happy to hear from you!

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