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My Inner Journey!

“Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another”

Everyone has their own life journey. From my childhood, I used to pray God without any judgment or knowledge. I usually accompanied by my father whenever I was visiting temples. Gradually, it flowed into my body and I started inclining towards spirituality without thinking much about it. I started reading the books and watching videos of Patanjali Yoga at the age of 17, which was shown by Baba Ramdev at that time. Slowly and steadily I gained momentum and started practising yoga and meditation in my home. When I started doing yoga and meditation, I felt like my body is inflexible and I am not made for yoga. Forget about practising headstand, when I was thinking about it, I felt like failing again and again. But, over the years I realised that yoga is also made for people who are inflexible. It’s not about whether you have a flexible or inflexible body, it’s all about the start we need to do.

I always believe that yoga and meditation are not about moving your body parts but it’s all about knowing yourself and your body. It is the alignment of body, mind, and soul. Yoga helps to unite these three aspects of our life. It gives me strength to rejuvenate and concentrate on my goals. When I was working with L&T as a Civil engineer, our office working hours was more than 12 hours. But, it usually extended between 14-15 hours. I was motivated and working more than 80 hours a week. Working as a civil engineer always exposes you to the sun, rain and cool wind. You get an exposure to every kind of weather and working with India’s leading construction company who always work with a deadline gave me a lot of mental and physical pressure.

I realised that to maintain a work-life balance in this scenario, I need to practice yoga and meditation. It may not be for an hour practice, but can be for 15-30 mins, which I felt was sufficient. It gave me inner strength to cope up with the stress and to maintain a work-life balance. I usually watch the speech of spiritual gurus like Sadhguru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and Baba Ramdev to understand how they approach their life through the simple practice of yoga and meditation.

Here, I would like to tell some insights about my understanding about life and how we can approach our life. This body which we get from the mother earth is the most sophisticated gadget and we seldom use it to the fullest. We get so used to materialistic things that we hardly get any time to know and understand this body. I found this body as a book full of its own stories, but we are more interested in reading other people’s life stories. I started to read this book two years ago and realised that if this book can be read to its fullest, I will be able to know myself better. I am always searching for answers to two questions in my life i.e. who am I and what is the reason I am here? Don’t you think we all are searching for the same answers? amazon-india-deals-of-the-day-best-discounts-offers-coupons-banner

I always believe life has three parts i.e. Personal, Professional and Spiritual. Spirituality is a process in which if we cultivate our body, mind, emotions and energy to a certain level of maturity and when we attain that maturity, deep within us spirituality blossoms in our life.

Some people believe in the existence of God and some not. I would say both of them are believing something that they really never know. I am quite clear that there is a supreme power really exist in this universe which maintains a balance in nature and in our life. It is all about us that how much effort we put into experience our life and give something to the society. God is just like a fuel of a car, without fuel, there is no meaning of a car. But, it is the responsibility of a driver to drive the car to avoid an accident on the road. The Same concept reflects in our life too. God is there to show us the path, but we are responsible for our own life journey. How we design and execute is totally upon us. Don’t you agree?

Apart from yoga and meditation, I love to do plantation, because I do care for nature and I believe that for the survival of our future generation, the existence of environment, trees, and the forest is crucial.

Let’s pledge to make our journey of life more beautiful and fruitful.1500x150_Books-Content-Grid-Stripe

Don’t take your life so seriously, because no one knows what will happen in the next moment.

“What other people think about you is none of your business, what you do is certainly your business”

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