My first sight with Yoga

“I fell in Love with doing Yoga” – Ione Skye


Everyone at a certain point of time fall in love with someone. The same thing happened to me at the age of 16. Though I fell in love with Yoga rather than with a human being. My father was working with Odisha Fire Service as a constable at that time and I had just started pursuing Diploma in Civil engineering. One day I was discussing with my neighbourhood uncle and suddenly he started talking about yoga and breathing practice.

I had no idea about what this yoga is all about? The way he gave me the insights about yoga, I got motivated and started doing research about the yogic practice. The first yoga book I purchased from the store was of Ramdev’s Patanjali Yoga. Because I was not fortunate enough to find a yoga teacher at that time. I started reading the book and was trying to understand every aspect of it. At that time I used to practice yoga whenever and wherever it’s possible. I was totally fell in love with yoga and she was calling me again and again.

I usually suffered from fever, cough, and cold once I bath in those days. But, when I started doing yoga and breathing practice, things started to be normal and it helped me to improve my metabolism capacity. Practising yoga and meditation motivated me to do daily prayer in my home. I started learning mantras, shlokas and reading Hindu scriptures. It helped me to unite my mind, body, and soul and at the same time, I had an inclination towards spirituality. I believe that those days of yoga practice really changed the way I was looking at my life.

My first sight with yoga helped me to discover my inner potential and to know this gadget pretty efficiently. Now, my mission is to reach the benefits of yoga and breathing practice in every part of our life!!!

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